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Perfect you started playing polo, you spent some money in, you decided that you were going to manage it, and… and now let’s make the list:
So you’ve got:
All your polo gear.
Nice place with boxes.
Room full of tack and.
A lorry.
Sorted, right? You just turn up at the weekend and play!
You work long hours, and the last thing you need is to go and check if your grooms is schooling the horses, if they run out of food, call the farrier, and then find all the players for your team, find a tournament, send in the entry on time, find a replacement because your pro can’t make it at that time on Saturday, make sure you have all the team kit, an umpire pony, all relevant passports and a map to the club for your groom. Then you have to double-check everything again just before the weekend so that it all goes well. And that’s just when things are going well!

Say the lorry breaks down (which it will at some point) and you have to get a mechanic and sort out transport for the weekend but everyone is booked. Or your groom quits (and they do) leaving you with a yard full of muck and unworked horses just in time for the tournamet. Or your new pony from Argentina is not working, doesn’t stop, and it wasn’t like that when I bought it (it happens) – a nightmare!!!!

Say the lorry breaks down ......
Wouldn’t you rather it was someone else’s problem?
La Mariposa specializes in taking your season on board, and making it tick over nicely, allowing you to leave all your stress at the office and Just Play Polo - which is the whole point, isn’t it?
You’ll be glad you did!
We support

Mariano Darritchon Polo Manager - 4 Goal Player - HPA Qualified Instructor- Jairo Rojas - Director - La Mariposa Polo Ltd.
Argentina (+54-9-11) 5180 1759 - England (+44-7947) 725 305 - E-mail: