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Polo does not have to be a rich person's sport, and can be played at all levels. To start playing, you need to be enthusiastic! That's all!
Never played polo (or ridden a horse!) before?
After 4 lessons we guarantee you will be playing chukkers, even if you have never sat on a horse before !!!
At La Mariposa, we offer several affordable formats for tuition so we can provide the right type of coaching for an individual's level of ability, from beginners to experienced polo players.

At La Mariposa, we have very experienced instructors who want you to learn to play polo as quickly as possible so that you can enjoy the team game quicker than anywhere else.

Warning…. Beware Polo can become an addiction!
From Novice to Player
Our unique coaching method enables a complete novice to play polo competently and confidently within a short space of time. After an initial assessment, an individually tailored course of lessons is devised with the emphasis always on safety, fun and entertainment. The school polo ponies are impeccably trained and exceptionally obedient, to suit all levels of player ability.

We offer private and group tuition, as well as Instructional Chukkers. We hold Instructional Chukkers every Tuesday afternoon and on weekends, usually in the morning. Non-riders are welcome. The objective is to graduate to Polo Chukkers.

Polo Chukkers
After graduating from Instructional Chukkers, you will be able to participate in our Polo Chukkers. We hold Polo Chukkers every Thursday afternoon and on weekends, usually in the morning.

Advanced Players
For the more advanced players we can provide on-going coaching, tournament organization and livery facilities for their horses. The objective is to be able to take advantage of the Polo Season and to improve their polo. We hold Advance Chukkers every Wednesday afternoon and Tournaments during the weekends.

Polo Clinics
If you would like to progress your Polo skill development more rapidly, our 1 to 7 day Polo Clinic may be the right for you.

These polo courses are held from Monday to Sunday for a 7 day course, Weekends for a 1 or 2 day course. Each day's tuition is normally based on a programme, but can be tailored to suit your specific skill level and needs if required. The structure of the course is designed to develop a range of skills incorporating exercises that increase in complexity as your skills level progresses.

Polo Players from abroad are welcome to take this Polo Clinics, accommodation in the area can be arranged.

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Mariano Darritchon Polo Manager - 4 Goal Player - HPA Qualified Instructor- Jairo Rojas - Director - La Mariposa Polo Ltd.
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