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At La Mariposa, we offer a unique, secure and professional service to the busy horse owner

At La Mariposa, we keep the horses in the Argentine way. Grazing them at night in pastures and bringing them in during the day to feed them and excersice.

The result of keeping a horse this way, is a horse that is relaxed, calm and confident, living with freedom.

La Mariposa is an ideal location to base your polo ponies with Guards, Fifield, RCBPC, Ascot, Binfield Heath, West Wycombe, and Kirtlington Polo Clubs within easy reach. and Cirencester, Inglesham, Beaufort and Dallas Burston are also only an hour away.

Full Livery
£ 135 per week including hard food.

£ 40 per week

Note: Excludes Vet & Blacksmith

We support

Mariano Darritchon Polo Manager - 4 Goal Player - HPA Qualified Instructor- Jairo Rojas - Director - La Mariposa Polo Ltd.
Argentina (+54-9-11) 5180 1759 - England (+44-7947) 725 305 - E-mail: