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United Kingdom:

La Mariposa (UK) is as close as you can get to the Argentinian experience within 45 minutes of London. The atmosphere is great and friendly, the ponies are fit, very well schooled and groomed and the quality of play is always challenging. Whether playing at Manor Farm or at a tournament elsewhere, the setup is always ready on time, all you need to do is rock up and play knowing a cold beer is waiting for you the minute you finish your last chukker.

Odon de Bellissen
Best Regards
United Kingdom:

Shukkas, lesson, tournament, clinic, horses for sale or for hire, livery, assados, mate, great and relaxed polo... Whatever you are looking for, you can get. Just ask the boss.
Reminds me of a very good polo school in Argentina near 25 de Mayo, but without the 15 hour flight.

Antoine de Saint Vaulry
United Kingdom:

"A little piece of Argentina in rural England" "with healthy glossy ponies waiting at the lines, smiling grooms in their alpargatas and boinas drinking mate and the polo pitch on the doorstep, La Mariposa UK really is a little piece of Argentina in rural England".

Melanie Reilly-Collins
United Kingdom:

An argentinian experience in the english countryside. Playing polo down at manor farm is how polo should be...relaxed and friendly whilst still playing good quality polo. Mariano and his grooms provide a great service for all the players and you can leave central London and be at the farm in less than an hour.

Adam Hyman
United Kingdom:

La Mariposa (UK) has all the spirit and enthusiasm of its Argentinean equivalent. Great ponies, professional approach and more importantly, everyone has fun. This is an intimate set up where everyone is involved. Having had almost 2 years out of the game, I spent a couple of days attending a polo clinic at the farm and within an hour or so I felt like I was back in Argentina. I can recommend to everyone.

Rodney Hunt
United Kingdom:

Mariano and his team at La Mariposa UK have given me the most enjoyable seasons of polo I have ever had and the seasons where my game has improved the most. Great horses, great training, great company, a perfect environment to improve your game and enjoy competitive polo.

Steven Reese-Pullman
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Mariano Darritchon Polo Manager - 4 Goal Player - HPA Qualified Instructor- Jairo Rojas - Director - La Mariposa Polo Ltd.
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