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United Kingdom:

La Mariposa is the best place to learn how to play polo. Friendly, relaxed and welcoming yet with action packed polo you are given the best chance to learn or improve your game. The social side is great and the post match beers become nearly as much fun as the chukkas!

Laura Wootton
United Kingdom

United Kingdom:
The en of my third visit …. And I don’t want to leave !!! Thanks as always to Buba and her team – the happy giggling by the girls in the kitchen will stay with me far a long time – such a happy team here at Mariposa.
Lovely to meet some new guests too, but I also love La Mariposa when it’s just me ! A chance to really relax and be part of the family.
See you next season !!!!
Lucy Bolton
United Kingdom
United Kingdom:
I would imagine that there are very few better places in the world to play polo than La Mariposa. From the playing perspective you will find everything here you could ever need : incredible coaching from Mariano, friendly, helpful grooms, and horses you will want to (and in the and will) take home with you. But La Mariposa is more them just a polo experience, it is an invitation into the Darritchon family.

A thousand things make La Mariposa feel like home: Buba’s maternal care, the infection happiness of the giggling girls and the delicious and plentiful food. Added to this are the many entertaining elements of life here : the violence of Juancho the lamb pet and the weekend madness of Segundo & Ines (Mariano’s kids).

On my first evening here I looked out at the sun setting over ground 1 and the phrase “ Polo Paradise “ came to my mind. After a month here that description is as apt as ever.
Many thanks and see you in England.
Will Spray
United Kingdom
United Kingdom:
Just wanted to thank you for the most incredible trip. I honestly can’t think of a single thing which would have made it better. As soon as we arrived we were all made to feel extremely welcome, in fact throughout our stay I felt that you and everyone else whom you worked with constantly went out of their way to make the trip as pleasant as possible for us. Everything from long hacks, ‘Mariano Tours’ and fantastic food, to competitive chukkas in the afternoons on some of the best horses I have ever ridden, not to mention the superb training we received in the morning. The list of La Mariposa’s attractions are endless, my only regret is that we couldn’t stay for longer. I cannot thank you enough for the effort you went to, and I hope to see you soon.

Thank-you once again for such an amazing tour.

Chloe Bernstein
United Kingdom
United Kingdom:

I have played in Argentina before although not at La Mariposa , but the quality of the service provided by Mariano really is outstanding.
Excellent horses tailored to the individual, fantastic atmosphere and stunning surroundings. A very relaxing holiday ! Sitting in the sun sharing mate with the grooms outside the tack room adds to the 'Argentine
The local bootmaker was cheap and after two fittings produced traditional boots that fit perfectly. I would thoroughly recommend La Mariposa and will return !

Dr. Stephen Keoghane
United Kingdom
United Kingdom:

I’m really sorry I haven’t written sooner. I’ve been thinking of La Mariposa ever since we got back, but now I can’t tell you how much I loved it and I’m hope to be able to come back some time. Thank you for teaching me and giving me the chance to play / experience some real polo. It is so different from at school in this indoor barn. It was proper at La Mariposa and with really good horses too.

Izzy and I played today for the first time since Argentina and I were my new boots for the first time. They are so great. Every time I am at the ball – I look down – see the boots – think of Mariano – think “ toes down, head down “ ….. it’s perfect !
Thank you so much, they are the best thing I have ever been given and I’m so proud of them.Please also pass on my thanks to Buba, the food was just so delicious and also to have every breakfast, lunch and supper like that was really wonderful.

I hope we can have some training session with you / Guy sometime in England.
Thank you so much.

Flo Barrow
United Kingdom
United Kingdom:

I came here not knowing anybody at all among with speaking no Spanish. However this made absolutely no difference as I soon became one of the family. The food is fantastic and the polo is even better, and as I’m writing this on the eve of my departure I can only say that I really, really don’t wont to go home. Everyone has went over backwards to help me fit in and improve my polo. Most importantly though is that La Mariposa is fun. Thanks to everybody for making my stay so enjoyable. Till next year

Rodney Hunt
United Kingdom
United Kingdom:

My first stay with Mariposa and I’m coming back!!!! My polo improved a lot in a short time. I didn’t want to go thanks to the excellent hospitality. Good horses, friendly grooms, Buba and the rest of the family. I felt very welcome.

Mario Kempe
London – United Kingdom
United Kingdom:

What an amazing place, sun, swimming, sweat and tequila!!! Fantastic to be part of the family - a home from home. The grooms and all the staff were incredible. And a special thanks to Georgiana and Mariano. Don’t think 25 de Mayo will forget us too quickly. Lot’s of love.

Jess Bazzard
United Kingdom
United Kingdom:

Thanks to all of you, I’ve had a fantastic time. The family are wonderful and so helpful. We were worked very hard on the polo field and recovered very well at the dinner table. Fabulous food.
Thanks to you all for a extremely memorable stay.

Chloe Bazzard
United Kingdom
United Kingdom:

La Mariposa has closely gone from strength to strength since my visit fourteen months ago. Despite your ever increasing popularity you still manage to make all your guests feel truly welcome in your home, and you look after them royaly. Thank you for superb polo in a perfect setting with your delightful family. I can think of nowhere I would rather have spent Christmas and New Year.

Stuart Shilson
United Kingdom
United Kingdom:

What a fantastic week. Plenty of great polo, wonderful food and great company. We have all had a ball !!!. Particular thanks to Mariano, Georgiana and Buba and all your hardworking staff and grooms.

The Frankum Tribe
Larry, Sarah, William, Charlie & Jamie.
United Kingdom
United Kingdom:

Mariano makes learning polo a real pleasure. The quality ponies are matched to their rider and even a raw beginner, which I was, is encouraged to get onto the field and play right from Day One, which means you quickly get into the essence of the game, the rules, the tactics and positioning.
Mariano shows you what you need to do or where you are going wrong in bite-size chunks, so you concentrate on the key area for development without getting swamped with detail. He knows just how to manage the pace which he tailors to the individual on a day-by-day basis. In addition to the excellent tuition, the accommodation is comfortable and the attention to detail over good food, drink, hospitality and overall care is excellent. The staff are always cheerful and you feel part of a very caring extended family!

Lynn Wathes
Rugby - United Kingdom
United Kingdom:

Mariano, many thanks for your hospitality during our stay at La Mariposa - we had a great time made that much better through your individual attention. Overall, staying at La Mariposa has a great feeling of being part of a family. The home cooking was excellent. It was great to meet so many friendly people during the week and as part of the Inter Embassy Polo Tournament weekend. The polo was high energy as expected but it was a bonus to find how relaxing the atmosphere is at La Mariposa.

Thanks again for your personal efforts. The transfer from Buenos Aires was made easy. I appreciate the time that you spent as a shopping guide for buying boots, tack, sticks and other polo essentials!! I hope to put some of your polo coaching into practice. Debs also enjoyed your tuition for her as a novice rider - I now just need to ensure that she doesn't pick up an expensive taste for Polo!!

Mike & Debs Dodson
United Kingdom:

“La Mariposa is a great place to improve your polo. As a beginner, with limited equestrian experience, Mariano concentrated on two or three things and they have made a real difference. The opportunity to play in my first tournament was fantastic and I am sure I will get more out of the summer season following my visit. But La Mariposa is not just about the polo. The welcome, the food and the surroundings are all superb and have made this a holiday I will remember for a long time.”

Gregory Webb
United Kingdom
United Kingdom:s

"I would strongly recommend a visit to La Mariposa. Everything from the moment you are picked up at the airport to the moment you are taken back is geared towards making your stay at the farm enjoyable, stress-free and rewarding in all areas. I found the individual approach to the polo and sriding instruction the most useful - focussed on the two or three things that would make the most difference to my play, rather than a "one size fits all" approach to tuition, or an attempt to teach me absolutely everything I would ever want to know.

The home cooking was wonderful, and the accommodation was a great balance between the need for privacy and the desire to experience Argentinean life - my own room and bathroom; meals with the family. I'll definitely be back."

Annette Petchey
United Kingdom

United Kingdom:

Even with one eye, this place is awesome!!!! Thank you so much for an amazing holiday, it has totally welled my passion for polo and I will be back next year to collect my pink pony to take back to the UK. I have lots of brilliant memories and cannot say enough nice things!!! From helping to buy the “Ranch King”, making shortbread, destroying vehicles, winning “One Goal One Beer”, falling flat on my face in the mud, and eventually returning home with half a face, it has been fab!!! I hope my family can return the hospitality when you come to the UK.
Lots of Love.

Olivia Husemeyer
United Kingdom
United Kingdom: 

Watching the best polo in the world in the best location in the world was unforgettable. We drank beer late into the evening, enjoying the entertainment and good company, the bright lights of the city and the fireworks.
And so on Sunday after a leisurely stroll around one of the BA markets, we headed to La Mariposa. Mariano has a wonderful family and a wonderful home. You are so looked after the whole time and the pace of life is calming and totally relaxing. Buba and Constanza Mariano's wife were just lovely. The grooms are larger than life and my only regret was not being able to speak much Spanish. My riding improved greatly thanks to Mariano selecting the right horses and knowing when to give me coaching, and when to just let me ride. We played lots of chukkas as well as stick and ball sessions. One of my most lasting memories which will stay with me for the rest of my life, and certainly one which I will go back to when I want to go to a better place, was one morning the grooms and I collected all the mares and foals from one of the fields. We took them slowly up the dusty track approximately 2-3 kms into another field. The surrounding countryside was so beautiful and peaceful and riding out with the grooms was the 'real Argentina'. The ride back to La Mariposa couldn't have been more different, with the wind rushing past and the feeling of being totally free with the horse. I will never forget that feeling.
A trip of a lifetime, and one which has to be repeated. I would recommend La Mariposa to anyone, not just for the excellent polo and coaching, but for the whole experience

Gillian Shaw
United Kingdom
United Kingdom:

Thanks to everybody at La Mariposa, I´ve had a brilliant time learning to play Polo. Looking forward to having another go in England. Will look out to Mariano in Ascot in the summer.

Alison Berry – UK
United Kingdom:

To visit La Mariposa is to become part of the family. A fantastic experience where no request was to great a problem. Mariano´s enthusiasm is infectous and he has a clarity to his teaching which everyone can follow.
Many, many thanks for a great holiday.

Warren & Carolyn Scott
United Kingdom:

Thank you for a wonderful stay. A polo tournament, my first tango lessons, and a guide tour of Buenos Aires, all in only 8 days. I shall hurry back with my family. Thank you so much.

Stuart Shilson – UK
United Kingdom:

La Mariposa is a little paradise! We came out to Argentina not knowing what to expect and found a place that provided everything we could have wished for. It was a real delight to meet such a warm, friendly and hospitable family, who went out of their way to ensure everybody had everything they needed and felt at home. The atmosphere at the farm was always relaxed and welcoming. Everybody from Mariano and his wonderful family to the grooms were always friendly, cheerful and helpful.
Mariano was an excellent teacher and knew just how to work with each individual player in order to enable them to get the most out of the clinic. He even managed to get my boyfriend both on a horse and stick and balling, something I have never managed!! One of the major strengths of the clinics was the variety of aspects of polo playing, from stick and balling to practice chukkas and tournaments. Mariano seemed to effortlessly provide a new challenge at just the right level for each player so that by the end of each day I always felt like I had achieved a great deal. There was opportunity for everybody to participate at what ever their level. The entire holiday was perfect both for the polo playing and the great social evenings. We will definitley be coming back next year!

Anna Waters
United Kingdom:

"A last minute holiday in Argentina took me to La Mariposa quite by chance, or should I say fate. Mariano's love of the game was the best possible introduction to Polo. From a novice with minimal riding experience, my learning curve was very steep, very pleasurable and seemingly effortlessly managed. Now all kitted up, and although an enclosed UK arena is a far cry from the luscious green pastures of 25 de Mayo, I look forward to pursuing the sport. Finally many thanks go to Bubba, Brenda and the grooms/staff who extended such a warm welcome that they made us all feel as part of their own family. Any future Argentinian trip will definitely have to include a stay at La Mariposa".

Odon De Bellissen
London - UK
United Kingdom:

The Polo: FANTASTICO! I read some of the comments before coming out and wasn't sure whether they would be true, the comments don't do it justice!! I came out as a new -1 goal player hoping to improve my riding. On the first weekend I played 8 chukkas and Mariano put me on horses to suit my supposed standard - what a nightmare, completely out of control.... however after my first riding lesson from Mariano I was able to ride the same horses, stick and balling and then playing them in chukkas by day four!! My riding and my game definitely improved, playing against the Argentine grooms is a superb learning experience - the games are just so fast, and playing 6 Argentine chukkas (non-stop polo) in a row on different horses is unbelievable. I'm now wishing away the next five months until I can put into practice all the skills I learnt in Argentina, I just hope I don't forget anything.

The Hospitality: PERFECTO! Whatever you do, do not expect to lose weight at La Mariposa - the hospitality and the never ending supply of food is amazing. Relaxing before and after playing polo with the grooms and drinking mate is an experience not to be forgotten (even if you have limited Spanish skills!). The expression 'Mi casa es tu casa' really sums up the hospitality at La Mariposa. Nothing is too much trouble, we had tango lessons, witnessed Scottish Dancing (Mariano couldn't walk for the next couple of days!!) and we went to the Hurlingham Open Final to watch some of the best polo in the world. Overall: Unfortunately my Spanish expressions have run out, however I've never played on so many high quality ponies before, or played in such a relaxed environment. A perfect place to learn the game either from scratch or just to improve those weaker areas - thoroughly recommended. In addition if you're out there at the same time as the bi-annual Inter-Embassy tournament, to come back to the UK and say you played for England is great. I hope to be back as soon as possible.....

Richard Swift
London – England
United Kingdom:

I would recommend Mariposa Polo Farm to anyone who wants to improve their polo through individual coaching and group clinics. You get the opportunity to ride a variety of fantastic horses to suit every standard. I saw everything from complete beginners to high goalers catered for. The horses are well turned out, the equipment is of a high standard and the grooms are very attentive and good fun too!

Mariano is extremely honest with you in his initial assessment and then works hard to improve both riding and polo skills. The opportunity to play chukkas with some of Mariano’s colleagues is an opportunity not to be missed. They are genuine in their encouragement of new/inexperienced players and really work hard to ensure you enjoy the game to the full. No cantering around at the back not hitting the ball!! You really start to understand what the game is all about.

The setting is fantastic, a beautiful farmhouse, lovely grounds, friendly staff and the wild birds are amazing – owls and hawks watch every stick & ball session! I came away realising what a beautiful country Argentina is and what a fantastic time I had. I will definitely be coming back.

Lucy Bolton, Surrey, UK
United Kingdom:

We were Mariano's first honeymoon couple and we couldn't of asked for more. From the moment we landed to our last chukka Mariano, his family and grooms made our stay even more fantastic than we could of ever imagined. We had never played polo before and were apprehensive as to how we would be taught and if we could play and enjoy it. Mariano managed to break our English riding styles into polo riders with style and plenty of skill. By the end of the week we stick and balling, playing chukkas and having a brilliant time. We highly recommend going to the farm and experiencing the polo and fabulous cooking.

Philip and Harriet Stevens.
London - United Kingdom
United Kingdom:
I have just had so much fun, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I have learnt in my 10 days at La Mariposa… My ability to read the game, my confidence when playing chukkas, understanding the game strategy, plus the massive improvement in my swing and overall ball control.

Mariano has the ability to pinpoint your weak points and then convey how to overcome them in a relaxed but succinct manner. Nothing is too much trouble for Mariano, his family or the staff – you become one of the family! Under the watchful eye of Mariano’s mother, Bubba, the house-keeping is second to none: immaculate linen on the beds, your washing returned to you beautifully laundered plus the most delicious food served at the table. I am already scheduling my next visit to La Mariposa. I just wish I could pack my favourite ponies in my suitcase on my way home!

Chon Donnelly,
Surrey, England
United Kingdom:
Being very young and on my own I was very apprehensive about coming to La Mariposa, however from the moment I was greeted at the airport by Mariano, I was made to feel very much at home. Mariano took me to a tack shop in Buenos Aires to buy boots, hat and knee pads which was considerably cheaper than buying all the equipment in the UK.

On arriving at La Mariposa I was greeted so warmly by everyone who works and lives there. Everyone was extremely friendly, polite and helpful. The food and drink was absolutely amazing and there was much of it!!! Considering I had never played polo, Mariano had me hitting a ball in the first ten minutes and I was playing a small match by the end of the day!!! His coaching is outstanding and he pushes everyone at an appropriate speed depending on their level and progression. He gives you copious numbers of horses to try out and you soon have your firm favourites!!!

Considering I arrived at La Mariposa alone, I never felt lonely for the entire duration of my stay. Mariano and his family are possibly the nicest I have ever met. Even the cats and dogs are friendly here!! I firmly recommend that everyone visits La Mariposa. Now that I have been once, nothing or no-one could prevent me from returning. A big thank you to Mariano, his family, the staff and the fantastic grooms for all making my stay so memorable and special. See you all soon for a mate!!

Catriona Christie
Buckinghamshire – UK
United Kingdom:
Sitting down at the computer with a glass of wine in my hand and only 2 days left, only the thought of coming back – for longer! – is keeping me going! I´d say it´s been even more exciting than I could have imagined but I arrived with few preconceptions; having spent the last week here I know that I would rather play and learn in Argentina than England, not because it is the uncrowned king of polo but because the approach is more relaxed and more natural. In England there is a world around polo and possibly not enough polo, here, although there could never be enough polo (!), there is a lot of polo. The riding is easier and without any strict timetable I always feel that at the end of the day I have progressed. Having spent some time in Argentina I have a real affection for how including and natural people here are, and this was evinced within days when Mariano took a group of mixed ability and experience to play at the local club. I know I will return because I have yet to find anything which is more absorbing and exhilarating. Many thanks to Mariano, his family and everybody who works here.
Freya Howard
United Kingdom

United Kingdom:
"Mariano and his staff provide first class, personal hospitality and facilities. Polo-wise, one learns to the get the most from a variety of excellent ponies, work constantly on one's shots, positioning in the field and reading of the game. My polo's improved and I've had huge amounts of fun in the process."
Jason B. Ollivier
United Kingdom:
My La Mariposa polo experience: This was a complete new experience for me, both to Argentina and a polo clinic. Now that I have returned to the UK here is my thoughts of my “ big polo experience”. When I landed in Buenos Aires all concerns about transportation are immediately resolved. Mariano collected us from the Airport and even stopped in town at some of the many polo shops before we headed back to La Mariposa ranch, even giving a guided tour on route. Once on the ranch, the most obvious thing is its homely hospitality. The food is excellent, and the accommodation is of a high standard, Mariano is also very willing to help us out with any requests that we may have.

With regards to the polo, this is broken down into a very simple daily routine. Stick and balling in the morning and the chukkas in the afternoon, these often involve the locals taking part this was very rewarding both from the competitive aspect and improving my game skills. The real value of this routine only become clear as the days go by, the stick and balling is invaluable time to iron out many of my bad habits, and improve on existing skills. This period is very individually tailor made, to suit all standards.

In conclusion, now that I am back home and playing again for my club, the improvements are immediately noticeable, my level of consistency and effectiveness are now making me a strong member of my team. I have already started to think about my next trip to La Mariposa.
Thank you, everyone at La Mariposa Polo School.

Andrew Orr
United Kingdom:
After spending a week with Mariano at his Polo School, my riding and polo playing skills increased dramatically. I feel that I learned more in this short period than I would have at any other school. The selection of horses available will suit any level of rider or player, from the low to the high goaler. Mariano’s teaching skill, and his ability to pass on his knowledge was outstanding and would benefit any polo player regardless of their level. The hospitality we where shown from the grooms to Mariano’s mother and the ample supply of outstanding food superb wine where second to none period. The whole experience was so exceptional, that we returned five weeks later for another week of polo training period. I highly recommend this school.
Kim Hunter
Henley-on-Thames – UK
United Kingdom:
My husband and I came from England to La Mariposa in march of 2004 and returned 5 weeks later because we so enjoyed the experienced. Mariano is an excellent and very patient instructor for both the novice riders and experienced polo players. However, what will keep us returning again and again is the warm hospitality of everyone on the farm from Marod is absolutely delicious and plentiful as are the local wines and beer. This is a truly serene and wonderful place.iano’s mother, who is truly a gracious hostess, to the grooms and household staff. The home cooked fo.
Mary Hunter
Henley-on-Thames – UK
Having arrived at La Mariposa with no equestrian experience at all, we were nothing short of amazed that we were playing chukkers by the end of the first weekend. And thanks to attentive and personalized coaching, Mariano and the team have had us screaming up and down the field every weekend since. I’ve found the balance of time spent learning to manage the horses, stick-and-balling and actual play at the local club perfect, leaving us exhilarated and satisfied without being utterly exhausted. The location in the farming heartland of Buenos Aires province is idyllic, and never have I enjoyed a cold beer quite so much as with the family and groomsmen after evening practices, as the sun sets over the plains and the fireflies come out to play. A tremendous way to unwind and learn the sport at the same time, while being made to feel totally at home.
Alison Laird
UK Embassy
"La Mariposa provides an excellent and relaxed atmosphere for you to play polo and for the family to relax and have fun. Mariano gives great advice not just on the techniques of the game itself, but also on horsemanship and how to play as a team in the wider context. This is followed-up through playing mini-chukkers and finally a fun informal tournament with the professionals which was great. La Mariposa is a beautiful relaxed location and the warmth and hospitality of Mariano, his family and the team means you look forward to every visit".
Dave Prodger
UK Embassy

United Kingdom:
Greatly enjoyed my first experience of polo playing at La Mariposa. Could not ask for a more idyllic setting or friendly welcome. Make sure you come with an appetite !!!!!!
Tom Henderson
Daventry – UK
United Kingdom:
Had an absolutely awesome time here despite being my very first time on a horse !!! Very homely, great facilities and the most welcoming hosts. What more could you ask for ? Highly recommended.
Sav – UK
United Kingdom:
What a fantastic first experience of riding ! Unforgettable. Hope to be back again some day soon.
Chantal - UK
United Kingdom:

"Quite simply, my weekends playing polo with Mariano and his friends will be among my most lasting memories of Argentina. The polo is amazing. As a sport, it most be the closest thing to a cavalry charge that anybody can (legally) experience. And with some expert and good humoured coaching, an afternoon's match is completely within reach of even a total beginner.

"And it's not all about polo. You can enjoy a moonlit ride through the surrounding countryside, a family asado for Sunday lunch, sharing a mate with the grooms, laughing at Mariano's singing around the campfire (you may be required to join in - be afraid) fantastic home cooked food, and anything the nearby town of 25 de Mayo has to offer.

"Don't expect five star waiter service, all mod cons, individual jacuzzis and bowls of exotic fruit by your bedside every morning. Do expect a five star family (which you will be invited to join), all the home comforts you could expect, a cool dip in the water tank after two hours of riding and early morning aches and pains from playing one of the most exciting (and, frankly, ludricrously complicated) sports known to mankind. "But don't tell anyone else. Otherwise there won't be anywhere for me to stay next time I visit.

Mal Green.
United Kingdom
United Kingdom:
I have spent a wonderful week improving both my Spanish and my Polo. Mariano has been a great teacher and has helped me improve no end. The food has been fantastic and I really enjoyed our tango lessons.
This has been one of the best holidays I have been on, and I’m going to return next year.
Harry Titherley
United Kindom
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